Rhonda G – Cedar Park, TX
  • Specializes in core training, functional training, resistance
    training, weight loss training, personal training.
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Trainer Bio

About Rhonda

(I feel my background in nursing is a plus for this career). I also hold certification in NASM personal, ACE group and CPR with AED.

Training Philosophy

Health is not something to take for granted. We are all in charge of our own destinies, so let’s begin now.

Favorite Client Success Story

I was working as an LPN in long term care for 8 plus years and my weight was 125 lbs at 5’5”. I went in for a physical and everything seemed fine throughout the exam, but labs came back with high LDL and low HDL. My doctor suggested I join my siblings and get started on a cholesterol medication. I said no not yet, let me work on my diet and health first. He asked me to come back in 6 months to check my cholesterol levels again. After 5 months I returned to him and he told me it may be too soon to see results, but the labs came back at optimal levels. I quit working and started studying for the NASM and then the ACE. I hired a few top Austin trainers, joined a couple of the greatest Austin boot camps and a gym that offers extra classes. I used my husband for my second client and he lost his basket ball belly of many years and no longer suffers from acid reflux.

Typical Training Session

With 50plus Personal Training, you receive a complete program of services designed to help you stay motivated and on track. My in-home personal training program brings fitness training, motivational coaching and dietary support in one affordable offering. I offer resistance training, aerobics, agility, balance, walking, running, and pyrometics.



General Availability

Before Booking your Lesson, check the trainer’s general availability to find a time that works best for you

Payment Options

Session Packages

  • 6 Session Package: $300.00
  • 12 Session Package (Buy 12 Get one Free): $600.00
  • 20 Session Package (Buy 20 Get two Free): $1000.00

When purchasing either a Lesson Package, it’s important to remember that…

  • There is a $10 charge for each additional player participating.
  • Rhonda Single Private Session Rate: $50

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