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  • Specializes in boot camp training, pilates classes, running
    training, spin classes, personal training.
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Trainer Bio

About Catherine

I’m the owner of Fit Armadillo in Houston, TX. I’m an ACE-Certified Fitness Professional with my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from The College of William and Mary and Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Connecticut. I have worked with clients ages 10-88 in Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and currently work in Houston, TX. In over 6 years in the fitness industry, I have worked at a variety of fitness facilities in a variety of roles. I’ve taught classes and trained clients at the YMCA, private gyms, and women only facilities. I’ve also coached middle and high school cross-country and track and field. Finally, my experiences as a fitness center director enable me to help clients select the best equipment whether they are building a home gym or small facility for their office. My experiences as a manager required me to present wellness lectures to gym members and employees. Today I enjoy combining these experiences and my Master’s Degree in Education to create materials for corporate fitness clients interested in improving employee health

Training Philosophy

My training philosophy is “one step/stretch/push-up at a time!” I teach my clients that listening to their body is the most important thing to remember while exercising. When taking on a weight loss goal, years of under-use, injury, or a multitude of other barriers to fitness it’s easy to give up or to get frustrated when results aren’t immediate. I’m here to teach my clients that they won’t get anywhere without respecting their body. In a world where clients are often inundated by ridiculous sales pitches for fad diets, I also teach clients about realistic fitness goals. With all clients my ultimate goal is to teach them the tools that will make them successful at maintaining a healthy lifestyle on their own. I don’t expect my clients to need to work with me 2x a week for the rest of their lives. I want them to be able to independently maintain their success.

Favorite Client Success Story

This is hard because I have had so many great and unique clients! However, I really enjoyed working with my oldest client. At 88 years old, she came to me with a desire to maintain her independence which meant being able to carry groceries and work on her balance. Seeing her achieve these goals was one of the most rewarding experiences for me.

Typical Training Session

you feel like you are “always on the run” and don’t have time for fitness, I’m here to help! I hold sessions and classes throughout the city of Houston. I can come to your home, office, or favorite park to help you reach your wellness goals. Above all, you can expect me to listen to your needs and set up a program that works with your life. I offer all new clients a free consultation so they can see if I’m a good fit for their needs. To learn more, visit my website: or “Like” us on Facebook: My personal favorite form of fitness is running and I love introducing new runners to the sport. Although running was my first fitness love, I have experience teaching a variety of fitness classes and work to help the beginning exerciser find activities that make fitness fun while fitting into a busy schedule.



General Availability

Before Booking your Lesson, check the trainer’s general availability to find a time that works best for you

Payment Options

Session Packages

  • 6 Session Package: $270.00
  • 12 Session Package (Buy 12 Get one Free): $540.00
  • 20 Session Package (Buy 20 Get two Free): $900.00

When purchasing either a Lesson Package, it’s important to remember that…

  • There is a $10 charge for each additional player participating.
  • Catherine Single Private Session Rate: $45

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