Annette K – Houston, TX
  • Specializes in endurance training, functional training, marathon
    training, strength and conditioning training, weight loss training.
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Trainer Bio

About Anntette

Fitness Professional with the following Certifications: *American Academy of Personal Training – NYC School for Personal Trainer Certification *National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer *National Academy of Sports Medicine: Corrective Exercise Specialist *Training Pregnant and Postpartum Clients *American Heart Association Adult, Infant and Child CPR *Certified Running Coach *Certified Spinning Instructor Accomplishments and Awards: *Completed over 50 races which include 5K, 4 miles, 10K, 10 miles and 15K races. *Also finished 10 half-marathons (13.1 Miles) and 5-marathons (26.2 Miles). Marathons completed: *2011 Boston Marathon Official Finishing Time: 3:52:18 *2010 Philadelphia Marathon Official Finishing Time: 4:14:24 (pre-training marathon for Boston) *2009 NYC Marathon Official Finishing Time 3:45:34 *2007 NYC Marathon Official Finishing Time 4:05:27 *2005 NYC Marathon Official Finishing Time 4:28:45 Specialties: *Corrective Exercise Specialist *Running Coach for 5K to Marathon, Urbanathlon, Triathlon Training *Training Prenatal and Postpartum Clients *Spin Instructor

Training Philosophy

My philosophy is ANYTHING is possible! You will achieve it and all you need to do is believe in yourself. Challenge yourself and you could do it!

Favorite Client Success Story

Miguel – Aircraft Technician, 37 “I have been training with Annette for over two years now and I truly never felt better. She’s a sweet person at heart but when it comes to training, she is as tough as a drill instructor. I’ve lost 70 lbs and till this day I’ve lost 10 inches off my waist. lot of my friends and family members said that you’re looking great . I tell them it was my trainer Annette Kiider who is getting me in shape. Her training experience and techniques are truly superb. One of the things I’ve noticed is that her training methods are always different; never repeating the same reps and sets. Always mixing it up and going through each training session very thoroughly. I’m glad I have her as my training instructor. I consider not just only as a trainer, but I truly consider her as a great friend. Someone who would listen and someone who would kick your butt back into shape!! You’re the best Annette!!! Don’t ever change!!!”

Typical Training Session

When training with me, you will expect to get to your goal whether it is to lose weight or maybe even run a marathon. You will achieve it. I keep the sessions active and train in circuits focusing on all your muscle groups. You will get a full body workout and it will be something different every time. I incorporate the components of cardiovascular training and resistance training into every program. The cardiovascular system keeps your heart strong and resistance training makes your muscles stronger. These are two very important components for living a substantial life. Depending on your goals and rate of progression the programs are individualized to suit you. I believe every one has a different body type and it is important that exercises are taught and performed that way.



General Availability

Before Booking your Lesson, check the trainer’s general availability to find a time that works best for you

Payment Options

Session Packages

  • 6 Session Package: $450.00
  • 12 Session Package (Buy 12 Get one Free): $900.00
  • 20 Session Package (Buy 20 Get two Free): $1500.00

When purchasing either a Lesson Package, it’s important to remember that…

  • There is a $10 charge for each additional player participating.
  • Annette Single Private Session Rate: $75

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